UK, 2010 Five Pounds 'The Retoration of The Monarchy' Issued by the Royal Mint in a Large First Day Coin Cover.

THE . RESTORATION OF . THE . MONARCHY. Celebrating The Restoration of King Charles II on 29 May 1660
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This £5 coin enclosed within a First Day Cover, issued by the Royal Mint in original package, and in pristine condition.
The monarchy is one of the oldest institutions in Britain. From the early Middle Ages it has been the cornerstone of society and has shaped the face of our nation. The Crown Jewels - a collection of precious and highly symbolic objects-have stood for power of the monarchy since the coronation of the first English Kings. The execution of King Charles I in 1649 marked a turning point in the history of the British Isles - the people had risen and challenged the divine right of kings. Politics, religion and society would never be the same again.

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