UK, 1995 Medallic Medal, Commemorating "R. J. Mitchell: Aircraft Designer" Issued by the Royal Mint.


COMMEMORATING THE CENTENARY OF THE BIRTH OF R. J. MITCHELL 1895 - 1995. The commemorative Medal is issued to mark the centenary of the birth of R. J. Mitchell, whose legendary "SPITFIRE" evolved from his seaplane.
On 11 June 1937 Mitchell died at the age of 42, just 15 months after his legendary SPITFIRE was a success, but his premature death meant that he could never receive the official honour that he so clearly deserved for creating the SPITFIRE. His CBE was awarded in 1932 following the Schneider Trophy successes, and had nothing to do with the spitfire, which was destined to play such a vital role in the Second World War.


Denomination Medallic Medal
Quality Proof Like
Alloy: Nickel-Brass
Weight: 28.28 grams
Diameter: 38.45 mm



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