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2017 200th Anniversary Gold Proof Sovereign, Boxed with Royal Mint Certificate FDC

The story of The Sovereign may be more than five centuries old, but two centuries ago the gold coin set new standard for accuracy that defined a currency, in 2017 the Royal Mint celebrate the 200th anniversary of the design created by Benedetto Pistrucci that has endured for two centuries.The 2017 Proof Gold Sovereign features the same St George and the Dragon design that appeared of the first modern sovereign which was issued in 1817. Benedetto Pistrucci designed this superb engraving of St George slaying the dragon.
It is set within a wide garter which contains the inscription HONI SOIT QUIMALY PENSE. Both of these elements represent the Order of the Garter which is a historic Order known for acts of chivalry and honour.
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